Monday, May 3, 2010

Arbi Masala

1 bowl - arbi (Colocasia, Taro, Eddo) boiled and peeled
1 tsp - ajwain (carom seed)
1 tsp - dhaniya powder
1 tsp - garam masala
2 tsp - besan
1/2 tsp - red chilli powder
4 - green chilli
2 tsp - ginger rings
2 tbsp - oil
salt to taste

1. Heat some oil in a pan and deep fry arbi which is already boiled and peeled till it turns golden brown.
2. Take it out on a kitchen towel and press it so that it turns flat. Now again deep fry them.
3. Take a seperate pan and heat oil in it. Put ajwain and let it crackle.
4. Now put ginger rings, green chilli, then besan and all the other spices in it. Mix it well.
5. Finally put fried arbi in it and toss it properly so that the masala completely wraps on arbi.
6. While serving place the green chillies added in the masala on the top, it will work as a garnishing also.